Can someone please help with my nested if else statement?

Hi. I have an if else statement that is like this:

ifelse(Group ='A', ifelse(${A}= 'Yes', ${NewPoints}, {Points}), {Points})

What I wanted to do is add another if else statement for Group B, C, D and E. But it is giving me errors whenever I try to combine them all. I think my formula is incorrect.

ifelse(Group ='A', ifelse(${A}= 'Yes', ${NewPoints}, {Points}), {Points})
ifelse(Group ='B', ifelse(${B}= 'Yes', ${NewPoints}, {Points}), {Points})
ifelse(Group ='C', ifelse(${C}= 'Yes', ${NewPoints}, {Points}), {Points})
ifelse(Group ='D', ifelse(${D}= 'Yes', ${NewPoints}, {Points}), {Points})
ifelse(Group ='E', ifelse(${E}= 'Yes', ${NewPoints}, {Points}), {Points})

How do I combine these into one nested statement?

The second image is not a valid expression since there is no function that combines values of individual ifelse expressions. BTW, you don’t have to nest ifelse expressions in this case. I would write it like this
ifelse(Group =‘A’ AND ${A}= ‘Yes’ OR Group =‘B’ AND ${B}= ‘Yes’ OR Group =‘C’ AND ${C}= ‘Yes’ OR Group =‘D’ AND ${D}= ‘Yes’ OR Group =''E" AND ${E}= ‘Yes’, ${NewPoints}, {Points})

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Thank you! I appreciate the help