Can we change bar color in Sankey chart?

Can we change each bar color separately in Sankey chart ?
It can be changed in Theme but sometimes there is duplicate color and I would like to know how to change the color 1 by 1.

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@Rebecca - Thank you for posting your query. It is true that if all the colors are exhausted, then duplication of color can happen. However, you can create your custom theme with a vast range of different color listing so that you ensure that even in case of large number of distinct values you have distinct colors available. It can be done using the following navigation in the theme editor. Hope this helps!


Thanks for the reply:)
May I know more about how the data colors order in theme editor is related to the bar color in Sankey chart ? I couldn’t find any clue about how the color is mapped to the chart…


@Rebecca - I don’t think there’s any direct correlation that you can establish between the Sankey bar color and Theme color order. In case, there’s some color that you want to showcase in Sankey Bar, you can play with the theme. Unfortunately, there’s right now no control given to change the Sankey Chart as documented by AWS here. Hope this helps!

It helps a lot. Thanks~~

btw @sagmukhe
Can we consider it as one of the enhancement feature in the future for Sankey chart?

@Rebecca - I would love to have this added in future. However, I would request someone from the QuickSight Team to confirm if they have this in their plan for the upcoming releases. Tagging some members from QuickSight Team who perhaps can provide you information in that regard. Thank you!

@Kristin @rajjaya @Koushik_Muthanna @Srikanth_Baheti @gillepa @Steph @ArunSanthosh @Jesse

@Rebecca @sagmukhe -
I will open the product feature request. I have reached out to @Rebecca via direct message.


Thank you for requesting this feature - having the ability to customize color in a Sankey chart will be really helpful! Color is meaningful and should be used sparingly. Too many colors adds cognitive load for the user trying to interpret the meaning of the visualization. A better method is to only use color when it adds meaning, for example I might opt for using a single color for my dimension with highest cardinality and only use a contrast color for something significant, like an outlier or unexpected value. Right now I have a Sankey with 10 values on the dimension on the left and 3 values on the dimension on the right, and I would like the 10 values to all be neutral and the 3 values to be custom colors - I think that will be easier for my end users to understand than 13 randomly selected colors that have no relationship to the actual dataset. I’m excited for this feature to be available in the future!

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@roge0195 You’re spot on - I think the chart is nearly useless until this change happens.

I would really appreciate this feature since we have color categories and it looks bad when the category is called Blue and the bar is Yellow. Thanks!

Adding a reply to emphasize how needed this feature is. In some cases when we design dashboards, we like to integrate specific colors/brand colors in order to have a consistent color palette. The random colors in the Sankey chart really throw off the customized theme, especially when we custom format dimension values and we can’t follow the same rule. It would be awesome if you can include this color coding option in your plans!

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