Can we create a sum of average for calculated fields


Is there a way to calculate the sum of average ?

Here the field, CF = avgOver({CF1},[{Country Code}, Tier, Vendor],POST_AGG_FILTER)
CF1 = sumIf({val1}, {val2}=1)/max({val3})

Since I’ve used avgOver, the Total is also an average of the values while I want it to be added. Tableau has a UI functionality that allows us to calculate GrandTotals/ Subtotals by either adding/ averaging it out. How can we achieve this in Quicksight?


Hi @Tanisha_Shetty
QuickSight does not currently support aggregation type changes for totals. Your best approach is to create your calculation at the dataset level, at the proper granularity. Then in the analysis, you can add the new calculation to the visual as ‘sum’. This should give you the ability to have a summed total.

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