Can we dynamically change the titles when the end user select a filter or action?

Is there an option to dynamically change the titles when the end user select a filter or action ?

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Quicksight supports parameter based controls, which can be used as filters and also apply same as titles. Based on user selection from control, you can customize the dashboard to show the selection as title.


Thanks, @Ashok.
Can you please confirm the same on ACTIONs as well?
My use case is, I created an Action Type = Filter Action and when the end user is clicking the visuals to filter, do we have the option to change the title dynamically?

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@Vishnu for your use case, please try below steps.

  1. Setup on click Action = Navigation action on Visual#1 and select same sheet as your target. and also include parameter in the Navigation action config. example below

  2. On target visual#2 (where you want to change the title dynamically) add filter and make it custom filter with parameter.

  3. Edit the Visual#2 title and place the parameter.

This setup will lets you to perform on click action and also, to dynamically change the title.

@Ashok we have two tables. both plots are connected to common parameter.
let say Table A
Activity | ID | Name | current
X | 45 | UserA | In
Y | 46 | UserB | In
X | 47 | UserC | In
X | 48 | UserD | In

Table B
Title UserName activity // here we want to show User name from above list. pls note, here user is clicking directly instead of selecting username from controls
List of entries