Can we get actual data from different reports using an api?

Hey everyone,
I need to know can we get reports of dashboard and then actual data from individual report. And is there any way where we can retrieve the actual data using and QS API?

really appreciate If you’ll help me.

Hi @AhmedMalik
could you please elaborate a bit more what you want to achieve?

@ErikG Sure, So I require an AWS Quick Sight API to extract real-time data from databases, which is then processed into datasets, analyzed, and presented in reports with graphical representations. I aim to display this data from reports on my website because many customers do not use Quick Sight. I need the exact data as shown in reports to easily visualize it in graphs on my website, such as sales data or inventory levels. If this method isn’t feasible, I’m open to exploring alternative data extraction approaches.
Thank you for responding.

Hi @AhmedMalik

you cant extract data via QuickSight. You can create a QS dataset, analysis and at last step a dashboard.

You could embed the dashboard within your website and you customer dont need QS.

Or you have to use an other method to extract you data from the database and build the report in the website itself.


thanks a lot for your time and help @ErikG.

@AhmedMalik are you questions answered? If so, please solve the topic.

@ErikG just one minor information i need. Does embed the dashboard on my site is going to cost me or it does not matter how my customer uses it?
Or there is any other way by which it does not cost me and minor cost will be fine?

@AhmedMalik nothing is free :wink:

maybe Business Intelligence Service – Amazon QuickSight Pricing – AWS will help

@ErikG point noted.:blush: That is why i need the data in report so i can show on my website.