Can we keep a table blank when we load the dashboard or until any action is performed on that table

I wanted to keep the values of the right hand side table blank at first. It should show data only when I select any row from the left hand side table.

current results:
Even if I don’t select any row on table 1, there is data in table 2.

expected results:
If I select any row from table 1, then only data should be populated in table 2.

Does anyone know whether this kind of feature is supported?
Any help on this is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello there.

Yes this is possible using parameters.

  1. Create a parameter with a default value that does not appear in Col A. For example “Blank” or “Not Selected”
  2. Optionally add the parameter to your sheet.
  3. Then on table 2, create a filter for Col A, select Custom Filter, select Use Parameters, use the parameter you just created. Make sure the filter is set to “Only this visual”.
  4. Again on table 2, create a custom action.
  5. Set this to be a navigation action which navigates to the same sheet, but sets the parameter for Col A.

Let me know how you get on with this :slight_smile: