Can we please add extra lines to the new hire list?

Hello team,

Can we add to new hire list these tabs? ;

  • entity that employee is hired under
  • team that employee connected to
  • location that employee will be working at
  • Intern / virtual loc / full time worker

Thank you,

Hi Zeynep_Akdogan
From your query its not very clear where you would like to see these attributes/info populated, are you looking to add to tooltip within your visual where you list your new hires or is it for new user listed within account ? Please share some more context to help understand your scenario.


Hello Neeraj, Thanks for the answer.

My question is related to new hire list. If we can have more info like I listed in my previous message, it would be great help for us.

@Zeynep_Akdogan Are you a dashboard user? If yes, the you need to reach out to the owner of your dashboard to add the additional information you need to the visual (if present in the dataset).

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Hello Kelly, I dont know who is dashboard owner. So, cannot reach out

@Zeynep_Akdogan I’m going to reach out to you via private message so I can help get your questions routed/answered.