Can we reorder the bars in a Sankey chart?

Hi, I want to change the order in which the rows in a Sankey chart appear. I’ve read all of the guidance on using off visual fields for sorting. I tried:

  • Creating a calculated field in the dataset which gives a sort order 1-5 for each description.
  • Using this in the weighting field (the only sortable field on the visual as far as I can tell) with an aggregation of count to ensure that it didn’t change the numbers (I tried different aggregation operations but the weighting element was a problem) to sort the visual.

This wasn’t a success as the count obviously changed the order, although the numbers remained the same.

Any help gratefully received. Thanks!

Do you need to have the weight be the count?

Have you try replacing the weight with the calculated field?

If you need that weight to be the count then I don’t think it can be achieved.

Hi Max, thanks for the rapid response, really appreciate it!

From what I’ve read, the only sortable field on the Sankey diagram is weight which is why I’ve been playing with it. The Source and Destination fields do not have a sorting option.

I’ve put my calculated field (which puts a rank in the dataset according to the order in which I wish the rows to appear) into the Weight field well. I can’t find a way of ensuring that the rows appear in the order I want them to as the count varies according to the global filter applied - I’ve tried all the aggregation options that seem logical to me. Perhaps this is a feature request!

Hi @cabbage!
At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. I have noted this in our internal feature request tracker.

Best Regards,