Can we used cascading filter on Calculated Field

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Can we use the cascading filter on calculating field I am not able to do that please confirm whether we can do that or not?

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Biswajit Dash

Could you provide more detail.


Hi @RobHendriks ,
This is the below scenarios,

This is my dashboard where I want to use the cascading filter but the Subject Area is the calculated field one so my requirement is when I select the Source System value it automatically select the value in Subject Area filter but I am not able to do that.

So my question is whether QuickSight give the feature of cascading filter for calculated field.

@Biswajit_1993 - Yes, it seems to be doable as I was able to replicate it at my end. You need to put the filter in sheet and use that “Show Relevant Values” only button to make it happen.

In my case, the Country Filter / Control is getting populate from a direct dataset field named Country, whereas the Australia Zones field is a calculated field and that control is getting filtered based on the selection that is being made in the Country Dropdown.

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