Can you create an automatic data update from aws s3 t?

I want my dataset to automatically update itself any time there is new data in aws s3 is it possible?

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Have you looked into using a Lambda like the solution in this post suggest?:

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Did my post help you with your solution or are you still having trouble with this issue? We have not heard from in some time but would still like to help. If we do not hear from you in 3 days this post will be archived.

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Hello thank you I managed to resolve the issue

Hello @OBUILE , no problem!

Could you share your solution to help the community?

To update the data from S3 to Quicksight automatically in real time this was achieved through the help of AWS Athena and Glue to crawl data from S3 to Athena which then becomes the dataset in Quicksight, so the data updates in the dashboard each time there is an update or new item in S3 bucket

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