Can you create two quicksight accounts tied to 1 AWS account?

I have a use case where I want to maintain two different Quicksight accounts that are tied to 1 AWS account. Is that possible to do?

Hi @Anupama

An AWS Account supports only one QuickSight account.

Can you provide additional context about your use case? If you are looking to segregate your customers and implement multi tenancy, you can enable ‘Namespaces’ feature in QuickSight. With namespaces, you can logically group and isolate sets of users in a QuickSight account.

You can find additional details about Namespaces here.


Hey rajjaya,

I want to create an account that I can open up to external customers via Quicksight Managed account and internal enterprise customers via Active Directory, so it’s more scalable to add company wide AD groups (instead of adding their emails one by one)

What is the process to do this?

I would look into organizations or namespaces.

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