Can you hide/show sheets based on an action?

I have an analysis that has 18 sheets. Sheet A has all of the visualizations that most users will interact with, and the other 17 sheets have the “backend data” in the form of tables that make up the records within the visualizations seen on Sheet A.

I want the ability to only have Sheet A be visible initially, and when a user clicks on a certain visual within Sheet A, it displays one of the other 17 sheets that have the ‘backend data’ associated with the visualization the user clicked on.

How would I achieve this?

You can try with “Free-form” sheet layout option instead of tiled or classic (You can find that in “Settings” option from left panel). I feel that will work for you.

I am using the “Free-form” sheet layout, but I still cannot find a way to hide an entire sheet. Do you know how to accomplish this?

This is not possible currently. I can mark it as a feature request.