Can you please tell me how to make column names field interactive with colours

Can you please tell me how to make column names field interactive with colours

When you edit your visual, there’s an option to set the background colour for your headers.

thanks, could you tell me how can I apply conditional formating to column A ,based on year… where for Year 2022 there will be different set of condition and for 2023 different based on that color coding should change for column A

Do you have a Year field in your dataset? Select “Conditional formatting” for your Year field and set the background color based on specific values.

Sorry, I just realized that you wanted to set conditional formatting in a different column based on the year. You should select “Conditional formatting” for the column that you want to format. Here I’m formatting the Month column based on the Year field.

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i NEED TO SET 2 conditions here one with like is year is 2023 and value on another column is greater than equal to 1000 then format if less than then format, same for another year 2022 if value is greater than equal to 2000 then format if less than then format,

The conditions for formatting can only be based on 1 field. If you need to format based on 2 fields, you can create a calculated field that combines both conditions like this:

Formatting Condition
= ifelse({Year} = 2023 AND {Quantity} >= 1000, 1, {Year} = 2022 AND {Quantity} >= 2000, 2, null)

Then use this calculated field for your conditional formatting.

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@David_Wong ifelse({Program}=“PA” AND {Communication DPPM}> 5021),1,({Program}=“PS” AND {Communication DPPM}>25343),1,({Program}= “FS” AND {Communication DPPM}>4945),1,0)

I am trying to add calculated field where I should be able to apply color codes based on 2 columns program name and corresponding DPPM value, its giving me an error

@mjdhav Can you show a screenshot of the error?
Btw your calculation is assigning the same value of 1 in all 3 cases. Is that what you want to do?

\its just saying error found and yes, basis that condition i need to set color coding…to communication DPPM colum corresponding to Program column

You’re missing an opening bracket in front of the first {Program}.

I tried it not working with bracker
I have attched image my requirement to do color coding to communication and decision DPPM column based on targets in above query for resepctive program and value in DPPM column

code for Communication DPPM is {countIf({Audited_Case},