Cannot Access to RDS DB data source(VPC)

I encountered an error while attempting to connect to data sources. After conducting some research, it appears that the issue coming from the VPC connection for the RDS DB. Currently, the VPC is configured to permit specific IPs, including those of the office and remote employees working from home. The probem im facing right now is how to enable Quicksight within this existing VPC. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Hi @hisyamdarwis - Can you update the security group of the RDS and add all connections from the security group of QuickSight. If you do not have any security group, then you need to white list QuickSight IP address as per your region. See the below link - AWS Regions, websites, IP address ranges, and endpoints - Amazon QuickSight

Regards - Sanjeeb

You may refer to this post for the details to setup connection from QuickSight to data source within VPC Create a private connection from Amazon QuickSight to Redshift or RDS | AWS re:Post

Hi @hisyamdarwis

We hope the response from @royyung helped you to solve the RDS access issue .
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Thank you, currently im whitelisted QuickSight IP address for my region, it works!