Cannot drag and drop fields to a visual

Previously I was able to drag and drop fields onto a visual. Has this feature been removed? I cannot drag and drop anymore.

Thank you for sharing this feedback. I noticed the same behavior where I am also not able to drag and drop fields directly onto the visual. Will flag this internally for review and get back to you.

Hi @cddowd,

This feature is still available. One thing to double check is that the visual you want to drag and drop a field into is selected when doing so.

If you are still facing this issue, I would suggest that you log a ticket so the technical team can debug the issue.

If you have access to the AWS console of the AWS account where you’re using QuickSight, please see these instructions on how to raise a support case.

If you do not have access, you’d need to ask whoever manages your AWS account for you to raise a support ticket.

Thanks Peter! It seems to be working now.