Cannot load dataset due to update in database

We have case sensitivity issue and our DBA applied a fix in the DB and now I cannot load my dataset?

What can I do so this wont happen again in the future?


Hi @bennygene - Is it possible to create a new data set and see whether you are able to see the data or not. Just to ensure there is a fundamental issue at Database level not from QuickSight side. If you are able to see the data, possibly you need to start creating this data set again to understand the root cause of the issue.

In parallel, please raise a ticket to AWS customer support team and provide the request id so that they can analyze the issue from their end and update you. To raise a ticket, you can follow the link -

Regards - Sanjeeb

Sanjeeb thanks for the reply, Our DBA, missed some views and when the Collate was applied it worked/loaded the dataset now. Again, thanks! -Benny