Can't access or view a dataset

I had all permissions to access and view a dataset, and my colleagues had them as well.
Suddenly all of us cannot edit, view or use the dataset - and it still exist because I can see the data in analysis and can access data set which rely on the missing one.

We had some changes to users in the organization (I don’t know if its related)

Please advise on how I can get access to this dataset, as I can’t point on any user which has access to it.


Hi @ohad.bareli - As you mentioned there is changes users in organization, that may be a reason you do not have permission to see the data sets. Do you know what changes in the org level. Please check this issue with your admin and hopefully they will fix it.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hi @ohad.bareli

We have not heard back from you regarding your question. We would still like to help. If we do not hear back in the next 3 days, we will archive the question.


Hey, Thanks for the answers.
I am still not able to see this data set (despite the fact that data is flowing into it)
I have checked with the QuickSight admin and he also cannot access this dataset.

Hi @ohad.bareli - Can you provide the access to the data set via API. You can update the data set permission via update api. Please see the documentation details below. update_data_set_permissions - Boto3 1.26.165 documentation

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hello @ohad.bareli , your Quicksight admin should be able to see this dataset (even if its not owned ) by navigating to the assets management console

This is available from the Quicksight admin page (remember to select the region where the dataset resides):

For example, for eu-west-1 region (Ireland) it could be accessed directly here.

Hope it helps, I am marking this question as solved if you still cannot access the dataset using the provided methods I would suggest to open a support case to get help, you can still use Account and billing / QuickSight (End user) to open a case if you don’t have an active support plan.

Thank you for posting into the QS community!

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