Can't connect with RDS to DB (ID Instance)

Hi everyone! I have a problem when I try to connect to the datasets with the “RDS” option. When I’m on the menu of creating a “New RDS data source”, a message in red appears where i should complete with the ID Instance, the message is: “Your account administrator has not granted you access to use this AWS service. Please contact your account administrator to gain access.”

The problem is that it also appears to the administrator of the account. 4 days before, we could create datasets, but now no. How do i solve this? (Sorry for my english, not my main language).

Thank you!

Hi @Varnleon

It looks like QuickSight does not have access to list available RDS instances in your AWS Account, region. To ensure QuickSight has access, please follow the steps detailed here.
You can also access the settings page directly using this link. Only QuickSight Admins can access this page and make changes.

Ensure the checkbox next to Amazon RDs (along with other services you want to connect QuickSight to) is checked. This allows QuickSight to list available RDS instances in the new data set dialog.

If you have set IAM role to ‘Use an existing role’ and are using a custom IAM role, ensure the role has permissions to list RDS instances.

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Hi, @Varnleon. Did rajjaya’s solution work for you? I am marking her reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved. Thanks!