Can't Create Dashboard - can only view others' dashboard

I logged in using “amazonbi” name, but I don’t have access to develop my own dashboard.
I can only view others’ dashboards. Do you know how can I gain permission to upload data and make my own BI dashboard?

Is it possible for the team to create a support alias for internal customers?
If you don’t have the answer, can you pls. help point a direction? I have navigated all the related websites but couldn’t find the support.

You are probably a reader instead of an Author or Admin.

You will need someone who is an admin to make you an Author or Admin

Thank you Max. how can i find out the admin in my org?

That’s something you’ll have to ask internally to your organization. A good place to start might be the person who gave you access in the first place.

Hey there. You can message me and I can send you the link on instructions to get author permissions.

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