Can't create threshold alert for KPI visual?

According to this documentation threshold alerts should be available for both KPI and gauge visuals. Creating threshold alerts in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

However, in my dashboard with both a KPI and gauge present, only the gauge has the little bell. How do I get it to show for the KPI one?’

Hi Ben,

Yes, you should be able to create alert for KPI visuals similar to gauge visuals (see below image) . My suggestion will be to refresh the dashboard and check if you are able to create alert. If not, open a support ticket and make sure you are checking for create alert icon on a published dashboard KPI visual and not in an analysis.



Thank you so much! I had same query an now I am happy that you have solved it.
Thank you again.

@DeepakS this is most definitely a KPI visual on a published dashboard – NOT in an analysis.

I’ve refreshed my browser several times and the issue persists. I will go ahead and submit a support ticket. Thank you!