Can't edit dataset?

When reviewing a custom sql athena dataset that was created by another admin on the account, I am unable to edit it. At the bottom of the sql it reads the follow:

You can’t execute the custom SQL query because you don’t have sufficient permissions to connect to the underlying data source.

When I try typing in the editor field, text pops up that reads:

Cannot edit in read-only editor.

What doesn’t make sense is that when I created the dataset, I was able to create and edit data sets using the exact same data source from Athena.

How can I edit a custom sql dataset that was created by a different user?

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You need to have permissions to make changes to a dataset, ask the other user who created this dataset.
Another post here with details : Share dashboard with another QS author - how to grant permissions to change custom SQL? - #5 by Koushik_Muthanna


@Koushik_Muthanna this is very helpful. Using your link, I learned that you need to share both the datasource and the dataset. I was only shared on the dataset.

I have requested my colleague to share the datasource with me and this will hopefully resolve the issue.

Thank you!