Can't find more email recipients when set dashboard scheduling

when I try to set a scheduling, I can just find myself with email recipients, I already shared the file where the dashboard locates. How can I add more recipients?

hi @vincent12, dashboard needs to be shared with the recipients before creating schedule to email dashboards to those recipients. Can you confirm if you have shared dashboards with the intended recipients, if not please share the dashboard and try and again.


I already shared, but the shared are still not showed, does this need any other steps to be set?

I also checked other dashboards in shared files, I found that some of the shared person can be showed and the other can’t, but have no idea why it’s like this. Does this function require any other setting?

@vincent12, can you confirm if uses have activated their accounts. To receive email reports, the users or group members must meet the following conditions:

They are part of your Amazon QuickSight subscription.

You already shared the dashboard with them.

They have completed sign-up process to activate their subscription as Amazon QuickSight readers, authors, or admins.

If all the above criteria are met, and still you are not able to find users by name, can you try searching users by using their email address.


I think I found the problem, the person should be shared by the share function instead of sharing by file.

@vincent12, can you explain what does “sharing by file” means.


Share dashboard by folders more exactly.