Carriage returns in list column

I’m connecting Snowflake as a datasource. One of the columns in the SF DS contains a list. In SF the list contents look like this…
When QS pulls this data in (I’m using a direct connection to SF and not SPICE) I’m getting carriage returns in my results…
[\n ‘obj1’, \n ‘obj2’]
Could I please get some tips on how to remove the carriage returns. I’ll need access to the data in these lists. Thank you

I would suggest doing all of this in SQL. Quicksight doesn’t have array functions and is pretty limited with JSON extraction.

OK thank you. Yes, I’m going to try to clean this up in Snowflake before it gets to QuickSight.

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Thank you @garnold . Once your problem will get resolve, please share the solution steps so that it will help other members in the community.

Regards - Sanjeeb

In the end I’m working with my DB and we will alter the data in Snowflake before it comes into QuickSight.

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