Carry over RLS/CLS/Permissioning configurations from Lake Formation to QS

When sharing dashboards you do have the possibility to set up row level security (RLS) and column level security (CLS) in order customize which data is shown to which user group. Unfortunately RLS/CLS in Quicksight are co-existing to RLS/CLS in Lake Formation. Which means that we would need to set up permissions in both systems. Is there a way to unify this , or is this feature planned ? In an ideal world we would set up the quicksight permissions just once in lake formation. Thank you.

Data security defined in Lake Formation is only applicable for the QuickSight Author user. The QuickSight Author is the user creating the dataset in QuickSight. Once the QuickSight author creates a data set, the author can share it to any other user on the QS account (as the owner of the dataset). When the QS dataset is shared, any further permissions for QuickSight Readers would have to be defined within QuickSight row/column level security.