Cascading filter - selected filter value persists

I am creating a visual with two filters. I have created a cascaded filter wherein the 2nd filter’s value should refresh based on first filter’s selected value. However, it does not happen always. I have created the below analysis for reference on issue I am facing

To reproduce:
I have 2 filters → ‘Pillar’ and ‘Audit’. Audit 1 - Audit 8 are applicable to Pillar1, Audit9 - Audit19 are applicable to Pillar2

Select Pillar = ‘Pillar1’ from 1st filter
Select Audit = ‘Audit1’ from 2nd filter
Now, Select Pillar = ‘Pillar2’ in 1st filter
The Audit filter still shows ‘Audit1’ selection which does not apply to ‘Pillar2’. The ‘Audit1’ selection persists until it is unselected. This can mislead users that ‘Audit1’ is applicable for ‘Pillar2’ but has no data

My question:
How do i ensure ‘Audit1’ selection is not carried over when the first filter’s value changes?

Hi @nehatj1

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Thanks for raising this question and as of now user needs to remove the previously selected filter values in the dependant filters .

At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers.
Your feedback helps us build a better service, I have tagged this as feature request.

And if you could ping me separately with your organization name / AWS Account id will update the internal feature request with additional details.


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