Cascading Filters and Dashboard Embedding- from on sheet to background connection for cascade

we are running into an issue on Cascading Filters. The problem statement and details are below: if there is any suggestion, we would appreciate it. We have also raised a ticket with AWS.
Problem Statement:
we have a Dataset- Lets call it Data set A , within this Data set there are 2 columns one with ID-Column A and another with corresponding category- Column B. ID is unique on the Table/Dataset. We have Visuals that Display various charts based on the Column B Category for the given ID. selecting the column B ->All visuals of the data set filters to corresponding selection. We are trying to embed this Dashboard which has Column B as On Sheet filter Control (non Parameter) based on ID Filter which sits in the background as a Filter. when Embedding the API passes from the Front end the ID value and we expect the onsheet Control to display only the corresponding category. so in essence we are asking

  1. Can an Onsheet Filter Control for Column B cascade with background filter for Column A
    if we cannot do this, the reason why we need this is, ID are customers lets assume, we can’t let one customer look at other customer data (controlled though by permission data set) still the drop down showing ID values when embedded of other customer ID’s is an issue, also if we add id’s to on sheet is not acceptable for our line of sensitivity. if this cannot be possible question 2 is
  2. Can we create 2 onsheet filter control ID and Category, base the category to cascade (show relevant values) based on ID and we have another ID filter in the background where during embedding the dashboard to a domain, only that ID gets populated on sheet with direct non clickable default as the id that was passed on from Front end embed.
    we seem to hit a dead end on this for some reason. has anyone experience same issue or have a workaround through (connecting background and on sheet filters via action/parameter/etc) please provide your valuable suggestion. thank you,

Hi @Sriram, currently we only support cascading control on another control displayed on the sheet. One thrick you can do is to use free form layout, and hide the parent control. There is a similar question in community - see it works for your case? Relevant values based on filter

Hi, @Sriram. Did Emily’s solution work for you? I am marking her reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved. Thanks!

@Kristin @emilyzhu we did find a way to get to work, i will write a detailed post on how we solved this. yes, this can be marked as solved.


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@Sriram, would you please share your solution as I could make use of that in my application. I am passing a parameter value , col-A, from one dashboard and filtering the table on second dashboard based on passed parameter-col-A value. I intend to establish cascading filtering between col-A, col-B & col-C (two other fields from that table). Is there a way to place that passed parameter-value into col-A filter selection otherwise the user has to manually select that passed-parameter value for col-A to see relevant col-B & col-C values. Thanks a lot!