Cascading filters Unable to represent

we are running into an issue on Cascading Filters. The problem statement and details are below: if there is any suggestion, we would appreciate it.

As shown in Figure 1, this is my cascading filters data.

As shown in the second figure, after selecting data for the “事業本部”,The data of “所属” can also be represented.

Finally, as shown in Figure 3,The selected data for “所属” cannot be represented on the filter.
please provide your valuable suggestion,thank you.

Hello @yaomeng !

To clarify, can you break down the steps you took to set up the cascading filters? It’s possible that the filter for “所属” is not connected the correct way.

Hi @duncan
I already know the cause of the problem.

When (所属) is associated with (事業本部), but when (事業本部) filters and the data of (所属) is exactly the same, then (所属) drop-down selection value indicates that it cannot be displayed.

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Hello @yaomeng ! Got it, were you able to gets this fixed or is it still not filtering the way you expect?