Change AM/PM format from control field (date)

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Within the control field for selecting a date and time is the AM/PM option for setting the time.
I wanted to ask if it was possible to remove the AM/PM format from this control field and extend it directly to HH:MM:SS.

Screenshots below

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Hello @lbellanova - Please find the below link for your reference. Hope this helps!

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Hello @sagmukhe,

Thanks for the reply.
I have already read that documentation. What I would like is this:
when I open the panel to select the date and time, in the lower part where there is the field to select the time, there is AM/PM.
I would like to remove this AM or PM from the panel. So that if a user writes 17 he doesn’t get an error like in the screen, but actually takes the time as 17:00:00.


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Hello LB, just wondering if you have found a solution to disable AM or PM and use the 24-hour in selection of the date picker control? I am looking to do the same but did not find a way.


Hello, i have encountered the same issue. Is there any way to use 24-hour date format in control?