Change Calendar to Fiscal Year

Hi, I use Quicksight Embedded to help analyze sales data for my customers. The biggest issue I’m experiencing is that most of my customers do not use January - December as their fiscal year. Many will use Feb - Jan.

There are two specific problems I’m experiencing:

  1. All the QoQ, YoY, YTD calculations won’t work, and
  2. The “Relative Date” filter, which I use everywhere doesn’t work because it assumes “Last Quarter” or “Last Year” is based on Calendar.

Is there currently, or on the roadmap any feature that would allow us to shift the starting month for calendar calculations/filters?


I would also be curious if this is in the works, it would be super useful. Our company has a fiscal year from September-August and it also adds some complications.
My current workaround is to have a parameter that allows them to select if they want to see things by calendar year, or fiscal year. Then a calculated date field that changes based on that parameter. So if calendar year is selected it uses the actual date, but if fiscal year is selected it in this scenario it would subtract one month from the actual date. That way it would treat 01/01/2022 as if it were 12/01/2021, and 02/01/2022 would become 01/01/2022 etc. This isn’t a field I would ever display to the users, but it can be used for calculations.
So all your QoQ, YoY, YTD calculations would remain the same, except instead of using the {date} field where it normally asks for a date you would use {calendar or fiscal date} (or whatever you call it). Below it shows the actual calendar date, next to the fiscal year and fiscal quarter.

. Off the top of my head I can’t think of a good solution for your filter as the relative date option isn’t available on parameter controls.

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Yes, I had implemented something very similar which works pretty well for calculations, but would also hope this could be handled inside the tool. Would be great to get visibility into the roadmap.

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I am also interested in having more fiscal date support in the future as a feature request.

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I’ll mark this as a feature request. Thank you