Change data type to date

A field in my dataset has date information in the format seen in the screenshot below. How can I manipulate the data so that I can successfully change the data type to “date”?

You’ll want to change the source data to show in one of the formats linked below. Based on your existing format you’ll probably want to go with:MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss(12/31/2016 15:30:00)

There’s no way to do this within QuickSIght?

Hi @dcoletta,
You should be able to enter the format your date field has in the input box in your screen shot. I believe you would enter:

MMM dd yyyy hh:mm

*Case Sensitive

If that does not work, bring it in as a text field. Create a new field using the following calculated field.

parseDate({Field Name}, 'MMM dd yyyy')

More on this here: parseDate - Amazon QuickSight