Change dataset from Spice to Direct

How do I change an existing data set from spice to direct query. Spice constantly fails and we don’t have enough data to justify using it.

If I can’t change the dataset from spice to direct, is there a way to duplicate/copy etc the existing dataset such that, upon being copied, it defaults to direct?

I’m trying to avoid having to build it again.


Hi @btait, sorry about the fail for SPICE ingestion. Can you please share the cases about the ingestion failure? Do you have any screenshot or error code that you can share? (cc @yubozhao)

At the same time, can you share your use cases about your dataset pipeline? do you have multiple data sources? do you do joins or generating child datasets? Depending on your use case, we can give some suggestions how you can leverage Direct Query vs SPICE.


Thanks Emily - at this point, I reallly just want to use direct query. Yes I have joins, etc, but the dataset is small. I don’t need SPICE. Can you share with me how to “revert” from SPICE back to Direct?

if it is small dataset, and normal joins, you should be able to just switch to DQ mode from SPICE by change the query mode in data prep.

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Unfortunately, I don’t have that option!

for the different datasets to be joined , are they from different data sources (different database or different credentials)?

Hi @btait

Checking in … we haven’t heard back from you , would like to help you further on this.