Change legend item captions

Can we change legend item captions for any chart? When I have a bar combo chart with measure “player id (Count distinct)”, I would like to be able to edit that after adding a legend to chart so that bar color refers to “Number of unique plyers”, for example. This way the legend can have values that are difficult to understand from user perspective.

If you have a bar chart with multiple measures in the “Value” well and you want to change how those items display in the legend, you can create a calculated field with the name that you want and use that field in the “Value” well instead. (For example, instead of having “player id(Count distinct)” in the field well, create a calculated field called “Number of unique players” with expression ‘distinct_count({player id})’ and use the field in the chart instead of the ‘player id’ field

Here is an example of custom legend text using calculated field. I have created 2 calc fields for 2 variables to be shown in the combo chart. In the chart I pulled the calc field in the field well instead of the raw field.

The calc fields are defined as below-
Number of Circuits = distinct_count(circuitid)
Number of Races = distinct_count(raceid)

Thanks, that does solve the issue but increases the number of fields in field list. My field list is already huge and I think self-service users would find this quite difficult to use. It’s more like workaround. I hope this “feature” is in plans since there’s already way to change captions (or labels) on X or Y axis, tooltips, etc.

I’ll communicate this as a feature request to the appropriate team. Thank you