Change QuickSight's own time zone

By having a filter by current date, QuickSight shows me the next day, so I guess it’s because of the time zone set in QuickSight.
How could I change the time zone to that of my country?


It is worth mentioning that the dates in my SPICE are correct, it shows it with the time zone of my country, however when adding the date as a filter in a graph it is right there where the time date changes.

Hi there. Does this cover what you’re trying to do: Time Zone Adjustments

Hi thanks

If I had already seen that solution but I don’t need to manipulate my data since these are correct, the problem is the QuickSight date component, since it takes the time zone of the QuickSight server and not that of my SPICE, that’s why in the date component when choosing “This day” marks the date the day after my actual date in Mexico when it passes 6pm.

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This is a repeat of this question: How to change the date and time according to the country for the configuration in Quicksight? - #6 by Naveed. Going to close in favor of that question