Change the data source of datasets from Redshift auto-discovery to Redshift manual

We are using AWS QuickSight in AWS Mumbai region, with an AWS Redshift cluster as the data source, hosted in the same region. Initially, we added it as a data source using the “Redshift – Auto-discovered” method.

Now, we are migrating our infrastructure to AWS Dubai, including the Redshift cluster, and we want to use that the data source for all our datasets.

While we are able to add the new AWS Redshift cluster using the “Redshift – Manual connect” method, we cannot to assign it as the data source in our existing datasets.

We don’t want to re-create every dataset and analysis from scratch; it’s a massive waste of time.

What’s the recommended approach in this scenario?

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @hiteshpachpor - you will need to use the API or CLI for this, but if you use the updateDataSet call, one of the pieces of information you pass into it is the DataSourceArn. You can first run describeDataSet to get the rest of the definition to make it easier, then just replace the DataSourceArn from that definition.

To find the DataSourceARN in the first place, you will use describeDataSource to find that.

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Thanks @Jesse for your reply! We tried that approach and it worked!

After progressing further, we found another approach. Sharing it here for everyone. We used the UpdateDataSource API to change the credentials in the Redshift Source we were already using. This approach required us to perform fewer operations. We provided the new Redshift cluster’s credentials in “CredentialPair” and additional connection info in “DataSourceParameters”.

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Ah, much easier route! :slight_smile: Thanks for following up with your simplified solution.