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Hi, I want to change the name of the legend of some graphics and I don’t see the option. The fields have some names and according to the chart I want to call them in some other way. how to do it?

Hi @Raulsc - Can you please give more details on this, like which type of graph. Give some screenshot so that it will help you.

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Hi @Sanjeeb2022

change these legends but in the graphic, not at the data set level, is it possible?

Hi @Raulsc - There is NO outbox solution exists in Analysis page where you can change the name of the legends… However while preparing the data set, you can rename the column in data set preparation stage. See the below screenshot.

This can be used a feature request for future release.

Tagging @Karthik_Tharmarajan and @Bhasi_Mehta for their expert advise.

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hi @Raulsc , Yes it is possible with out changing at dataset level.
Do one thing create two calculated field with same field and give the calculated field as per your required name for legend then use that calculated field on your visual.

Just see the below example.

If you see these are two field name which is available in my datasets. So the legend name is also the same.

Here I created two new field by using the same field but the calculated field name is different.

Weighted Revenue - Sales
Is Closed - Number of Item


And lastly putting these two new created calculated field in the place of weighted revenue & is closed place.

So these are the some steps you need to follow to renaming your legend.

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Biswajit Dash


Cool. This is also a work around solution as well.

Thanks @Biswajit_1993 .

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