Changing a decimal format in a vertical stacked 100% bart chart

Hello, I am having a problem with changing a decimal format to a graph of the vertical type stacked 100% bart chart, by default the decimal units appear with a point “.”, they ask me to change to a comma “,”
In this case, I need the data to appear, for example, 85.3% instead of 85.5%. The field that I add in the “value” part is a numeric field, but it must be displayed as a percentage. What I did was choose the format for the numeric field, applying the separator
decimal to “,”, but alright to the field if this change is applied. When viewing the data in the graph of the vertical type stacked 100% bart chart, the “.” as decimal separator

HI @Victor_Torossi Can you please share screenshot of formatting you applied and how its rendered on vertical stacked bar chart visual ?

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Of course, here I upload the image, in this case I would need to replace that point “.” by a “,”.

@Ashok Any idea if the change can be made?

Sorry to insist, there is no way to solve this?

Hi @Victor_Torossi

This is not possible currently. I can mark it as a feature request.