Changing data presented in column from backend result to true value

Hi! Currently our datasets are being pulled from our own SaaS. If I add a column, it shows the letter of what our data represents. Meaning, if I pull in a column, it may display a “V” for the result, but I really want it to read “Verified” so the custom understands what they are reading. Nearly all of my reports are pivot reports. Any ideas?

Create a calculated field with below definition,
ifelse(column = ‘V’, ‘Verified’, column = ‘U’, ‘Unverified’,‘abc’)

@Vignesh_Kannan Thank you, it isn’t the column itself, it is the information the data column pulls.

The data column I am pulling is titled (Status), that status is represented by a code, in the case (V), I want to change the (V) to represent Verified. Similar to how you can rename the (Null) value or blank it out… I wish I could attach a picture to show you.
Column Header Reads (STATUS) - the information it is bringing up, for said status, is represented by a letter, I would love to be able to change that letter to read what it represents.

Hi @elhines

Please create calculated field as shown below (formatted-status) to represent V as Verified & null as unknown .


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