Changing Date Aggregation with Parameter Dynamic

I’m trying to create a Date Aggregation that will have the following options: Day, Week, Month, Quarter, And Year.

Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 5.37.47 PM

I have a variety of values and MP, but my main date field is metric_day. I want to show the FY, but have the parameter option to select if the user wants to see it by day, week, month, quarter, or year.

I also want it to change dynamically where if it’s month then change to month format like Jan’23 and day then Jan 3, etc.

Any help would be appreciated!

hi @Phillip_Le,

Date aggregation dynamic change has example in here. you can create calc field using truncDate().

I don’t think we can change date format dynamically though…

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Hi @Wakana , has there been any recent development which would allow me to change the format of the date dynamically too, similar to what @Phillip_Le asked for? i.e., when I change the parameter to aggregate the date by Month, it aggregates the format to show “Jan 2024”, “Feb 2024”, etc and respectively “Jan 28, 2024” when aggregated to Day