Changing the Date format into as per Data source

Hi Team, Actually when I am connecting to my data source to MySQL then the some of the Date format changed. So anyone help me how do I get my original MySQL date format?

Below the example what I am getting error

In MySQL the date is 0001-01-01 00:00:00 but when the same date came to Quick Sight it is showing as Dec 30 0000

What should the date be? January 1? What year? Below are the supported date formats.

Alternatively you could change the data type from date to string but there may be limitations depending on how you intend to use that field.

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Yes @todd.hoffman actually these are the custom requested data so we don’t have the permission for changing the data type so any ways we can reflect in Quick Sight as same format.

Are you seeing a pattern in how the dates are redefined? In other words, is the same MySQL date always translating to the same date in Quicksight? If so we can probably resolve this in Quicksight by creating a custom field.

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@Biswajit_1993 is the new format you are seeing in the dataset or in the analysis? You can change the format in the analysis, using these directions:

If you are referring to the dataset, you can change the date format using the formateDate() function, directions here:

Thanks @bergqdou for your help.