Chart drill action to raw data

I am utilizing various charts within my dashboard and would love to be able to “action” to raw data.
Request: I am looking for a way for users to click on a specific data point and be sent to raw data that they could view pertaining to that data point.

EX. So say on a line chart, I have 300 users that clicked on a page for that day. I want to be able to take the user to a new tab where I am using the same dataset but filter the raw data so they can see what 300 users were on that particular day they selected.

Situation: Currently I have tried many other solutions, such as adding in “color” to provide drill-ins, but that only drills the chart deeper based on the next variable I add in. I want to provide RAW data.
I have also tried using the URL action to link to another tab and add in parameters but it does not provide the reference from the click on the specific point on the chart only brings over parameters if the user selected them showing ALL data from those parameters.


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Can you also please elaborate why (may be sharing sample screenshot) navigation-action with parameter passing between sheets is not working for you.

Setting Navigation Action on your line-chart should be able to take “selected-day-point-value” as parameter and take you to same/different tab and show detail level user data. “Exercise 4 - Navigation action to drill down on another sheet” in QuickSight Author shows the step to navigate with parameter value.

Anwar Ali

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Hi @AnwarAli,

I took a look at the exercise 4 sheet. This is very interesting and provides some detailed information for some functionality and quick steps to creating things I did not know.
However, I am still stuck on my ask. In its current state, I have multiple datasets & visualizations on a single tab and a set of parameters that I connected to all of them.
On charts, such as a line chart where the x-axis is a date range (done over month), and y-axis I have 6 or 7 different lines (from various aggregated measures) in the chart.
What I would like to be able to do is click a single point on this chart (Say from line 1 [sales], for the month of April) and that click would take me to raw data (on a separate tab, i.e. pivot chart with all fields), and filter the data down to that specific point that was clicked. For example. If I selected 2 parameter filters on the top (in controls) to be set to say a business type and geo. The chart would reflect the changes. If the business user was interested to see why “sales” was high for April. I would like to have that click take the user to the raw data and filter the data to the point that was clicked.

Chart 1: Parameter filter set on entire page to business type: SP and Geo: Amer. User clicks the point April for the Sales line.
Chart 2 Shows the data with Business type: SP, Geo: Amer, month: April, for Sales.

Hi Hackkite,
The following should work;

  1. On Sheet 1 line chart, set a navigation action (not a URL action), setting the target to be sheet 2, and using a parameter for the Month column.
  2. On sheet 2, you will need to have 3 sheet level filters- for Business Type, Geo and Month. Build these as Custom filters and set the filtering condition to use the parameters for each from sheet 1. Set this filter to apply to your raw data table visual.

Then the navigation and filtering form sheet 1 to sheet 2 should work. As Anwar mentioned above, Exercise 4 has these steps defined.