Chart where data has different dates

I have a data set that has the following columns: item_id, created_at and deleted_at.
I am trying to create a quicksight chart that has three lines:
Number of items created by month
Number of items deleted by month
Cumulative total of items that are active (meaning not deleted once created)

X-axis is the calendar months starting Jan 2012

How do I do this?

Hello, you can create a line chart with multiple fields. You will need to reshape your dataset, summing items created and deleted by month. Once you have this, you can do a cumulative sum of the difference between these to get items active. Then you can plot these three series on a line chart, with your months along the x axis.

Hello, do I reshape the data outside quicksight or can I do it within? If within, how do I do that?

@anandds you can’t reshape the data in QS. QS is mostly for post-processed data.

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