CloudFormation Templates of the administrative console in Amazon QuickSight

Authors: Ying Wang, Ian Liao, Maitri Brahmbhatt

One year ago, Ying Wang published a big data blog and the relative open source solution of an Administrative Console Dashboard to analyze usage metrics in QuickSight. After then, our team released an easy way to deploy this solution with CloudFormation templates. You can deploy everything within few minutes by launching the CFN stacks in your AWS account with QuickSight account subscribed. We have also upgraded the solution to include few more features such as a centralized information hub of the assets: the data dictionary of datasets and their fields, and some other data dictionary information. For example, you can type in the name of a field and then check which dataset contains this field.

You can deploy the solution using Instruction tab of the Admin Console demo dashboard which provides step by step instructions.

The demo dashboard also provides Tips & Tricks with tutorial videos to modify or enhance the dashboard.

Updated blog is coming soon. Stay tuned!


AWS BigData Blog

GitHub Repo

Demo Dashboard

Hi, The video of the hands-on workshop is here: Building an Admin Console to perform user governance and QuickSight assets usage metrics analysis - YouTube

What changes should I make to the CloudFormation templates or Python code if my QuickSight subscription is in eu-central-1 but my CloudTrail logs are in an S3 bucket which is in us-east-1? Should I just set “aws_region” to “eu-central-1” in the Python code?

I’m also getting this error when I try to run “data_prepare”. Is this because I have many objects in my QuickSight account?