Cognito User Specific Dataset for ONE Dashboard


I am new to QuickSight and am currently trying to utilize QuickSight within my web application. Each cognito user of mine will have a DynamoDB table that is correlated with their account and I use Athena to link the two together. The problem I am having is, based off the cognito user / user attribute how can I dynamically change the dataset that is being displayed on the dashboard? I do not want to create 100+ dashboards for each individual user and have seen it is possible to dynamically set the dataset being used. The actual dashboard can be the exact same I just need a way to dynamically select what dataset to fill in the dashboard with when I embed it to my web app for each user to have the correct data displayed!

Hello @zack.lacanna , welcome to the QuickSight community!

Are you using the same dataset for each user or is each user accessing a totally different dataset?

I would recommend using RLS rather than trying to dynamically change the dataset in one dashboard.

This way you are just hiding rows based on the user who is accessing the dashboard, rather than trying to recreate the dashboard on a new dataset.