Collapsing of a Visual


I have multiple dashboards which all have tens of chart visuals each.
The name of each visual does not load until the user scrolls to it and the data loads.
This makes quickly navigating to the chart that users need to see a bit difficult. Users cannot ctrl+f for the chart name of interest as the chart names do not load off-screen. It relies on the user to - scroll, wait for load, check chart name, scroll, wait for load, check etc.

Are there any suggestion/work arounds for this that anyone is aware of?
If not, would it be reasonable to request the ability to collapse/minimize a visual. That way a user could select which chart they want to see.

The charts are automatically/dynamically generated, so solutions like “splitting them into more sheets to organize them” is a practical option for my use-case.


Hi @oek,

You can collapse pivot table groups, but as for other charts that isn’t an option. I will put in a feature request. Can you privately message your company name. Also, have you looked into creating a navigation page?



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@n_vetri recently shared this very neat trick that you may find helpful:


@Bhasi_Mehta , thanks for the information and forwarding the feature request. If there is any ticket tracking that I can subscribe to for resolution or denial, that’d be very helpful.

RE: navigation page - Unfortunately, I am trying to have all charts in a single sheet. To “navigate” to a chart, I’d have to have the ability to scroll to a visual in a sheet.
If I were to make a single sheet per chart, then I’d have, say, 30 sheets which does not bode for a very user friendly experience.

@David_Wong , thanks for the link to the related question. However, the charts in my use case all have different styling/grouping/aggregations etc so I am unable to use a parameter to drive a navigation menu. I need them to be actual different charts.