Color based on the avg of the value

Can someone help me color the bars of a graph based on the average of the value? I’ve tried with the democentral information but its not working

Hello @aquintanilla - I have tried to replicate the problem statement and I was able to achieve it via the way which was described in demo central. I believe you have referred to the following link :

In fact in my replication, I created a calculated column named Threshold where I have tried to create the different segments of colors.

Once that’s defined we need to bring that field in the Group/Color section of the field well. After that assign the specific colors that you want manually in the chart itself.

Hope this helps!

Hi! Thanks for your answer, I have tried doing the threshold you show me but Im getting an error on the calculation

@aquintanilla I believe you are missing the square brackets around Job role attribute. Can you please closely look at the syntax and provide the square brackets. Let me know if that works. Thanks

amazing it worked! thank you so much!