Column Level security - can't return access to all users on a single field

I am unable to return access to all users on a single field that had column-level security. Has this happened to anyone? Typically, when all specific users are removed the value becomes Everyone. However, the value is now empty (null).

Is this a bug? How can I resolve this issue?

hi @zzager, thanks for reaching out.

can you try to add another user again for this column level security enablement and remove that user to check if the everyone value shows up again. if doesn’t show up again, I would recommend filing a case with AWS Support where we can dive into the details so that we can help you further. Here are the steps to open a support case. If your company has someone who manages your AWS account, you might not have direct access to AWS Support and will need to raise an internal ticket to your IT team or whomever manages your AWS account. They should be able to open an AWS Support case on your behalf. Hope this helps!