Combine geospatial hierarchy with coordinates

I’m attempting to display points on a map, where each record has some incomplete geographical data. Some records have full city/state/zip values, while others have only latitude/longitude. I assumed that I would be able to add the lat/lon coordinates to the location hierarchy, but the dataset edit screen won’t allow the coordinates into the primary hierarchy. When I create the visualization, it only allows me to select either the location hierarchy or the coordinates, not both. This is resulting in missing data in my map.

Is there a way to get the map visualization to use the lat/lon coordinates when the location hierachy is undefined and vise-versa?

Hi @jordancuevas

latitude / longitude is a little bit different than country/state/postal codes.

It’s kind of like an either or.

The only way to have what you are looking for is to map postal codes / states / countries to lats and longs where you check if one is null and then use the mapping to display the information you want.

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