Combine two Analysis/Dashboards into a Single Analysis/Dashboard


Is there a way to combine two separate Analysis objects into a single file? In our situation, we’d like to have two developers work on separate tabs of a dashboard, and then be able to easily merge their changes together into a unified Analysis file we could then publish?

Is there an easy way to do this through the QuickSight Console UI or via QuickSight JSON object modification through version control tools like Git?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @bkasen ,
It is not possible yet, but we are working in some ideas to make this workflow easier. If you are already a customer, please reach out to your QuickSight or Analytics representative and ask for more information about it.


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Thank you Jose - will do!

is there any updates ? or estimation for such ability?

This still does not seem to be possible, but I assume with a bit of work it can be done using the APIs?

This would be a welcomed system capability.

Are there any updates for this? We would love to have this capability in QuickSight.

Also would love this capability. Without it, we’re stuck being single threaded while developing a dashboard with multiple tabs.

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@jacksons , @dkira44 , @schirrj
Through API yes : you can extract the definition of an analysis ( New Amazon QuickSight API Capabilities to Accelerate Your BI Transformation | AWS News Blog )

Hello, would love to check in if it’s possible to achieve this through UI directly instead of API to bring multiple analyses to one single dashboard.