Combo Chart with GL Date as the period , I need to get Invoices entered count and Scanned Invoices count

Hi All,

I need a Calculated field - count of Invoices Scanned and Invoices Entered currently when I apply in
X Axis with GL date charts are displaying same count for Entered & Scanned Invoices.

Eg : 10 Invoices are entered Week 1 - 13th April 2022 , similarly they might be scanned on 23rd April 2022 chart would show same count even though periods are different.

Is there Calculated field which counts Scanned Invoices based on GL Date as if we are eliminating Scanned date as filters on GL date.

Can you provide an example of the rows in the data and how you would like it to be displayed? I’m having a hard time visualizing what you are after in my head, but with some example we might be able to work through it here with the community.

Hi Sean,

Query 1 : Attaching a screen shot as i cannot load excel file

Details of two periods but underlying data is count , need distinct count on a Bar Graph with X Axis can be any of the periods in Quick sight.

Query 2 : TY (This Year) and LY (Last Year) need weekly count of Invoices with Column being week periods Eg : WK19, WK20, WK21 need count for both periods in a Bar Graph in Quick sight.