Comma Separated Values Filter

We have a column with comma separated values that we’d like to have a filter on. The filter would list all distinct values from the column (we could also manually build the filter list if needed) and allow for multi-select. It should then evaluate the csv in each row to see if there’s a match to any of the selected filter values.

Currently QS doesn’t support multi-select parameters in calculated fields, which is the main blocker we think.

Outside of creating a new row for each value in the csv column, is there a workaround for this?

E.g. the values “AA, AB, AC, AD, AE” are contained in a column. The filter should list all of those values and allow for selection of multiple values. Then we’d like to find all rows where any of the selected filter values exist in the column.


I think your question is similar to the following : How to use values from a list aggregated field in a table to a filter in Quicksight?

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Hi @chaking, We hope link provided by Koushik worked for you. Let us know if this is resolved. And if it is, please help the community by marking his answer as a “Solution.” Thanks!


Appreciate the workaround, however we have chosen to not use it as it’s a non-standard filter experience and we have a large set of possible values that would make usage difficult.

Hi @chaking, did you manage to find some alternative solution?